Those Who Served
at Royaumont

Nymphs of Royaumont! whose divine fingers have built this nest among the pine trees, I can

Below is an A-Z (by surname) of the people who served at Royaumont Abbey (including a few of the chaps!) during the First World War.  Where we have information on the individual you will be able to click on their name and find out more about them.  Of course, we are constantly researching these amazing women so will be adding our findings as and when we can but, in the meantime, if you have any information about the women or the Abbey please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

CAMERON Miss Barbara May, Orderly Royaumont 17-May-18 14-Nov-18

CAMERON Miss Nellie McNair, Nurse Royaumont 24-Nov-16 26-May-17

CANNON Miss Joan Sharp, Chauffeur Royaumont 8-Nov-18 22-Mar-19

CARDEW Mr Sidney R., Mechanic Royaumont 8-Dec-15 1-Nov-16

CARMICHAEL Miss Lucie Helen, Orderly Royaumont 24-May-16 25-Feb-17

CARROLL Miss Mary Bridget, Nurse Royaumont 4-Jun-18 16-Dec-18

CARSWELL Miss Katharine Octavia, Orderly Royaumont 6-May-15 25-Nov-16

CARTER Miss Edith Angela, Orderly Royaumont 6-May-15 28-May-16

CARTER Mrs Edith Mary, Orderly Royaumont 15-Aug-17 16-Aug-18

CARTER Miss Jessie Margaret, Orderly Royaumont 3-Oct-16 1-Nov-16

CATHCART Miss Frances Mary, Orderly Royaumont 27-Sep-16 1-Mar-17

CAVENIE Miss Saritz, Orderly Royaumont 1-Jun-15 1-Sep-15

CHAPMAN Miss Marjorie, Orderly Royaumont 6-May-15 22-Mar-19

CHERRILL Mrs Florence Isabel, Nurse Royaumont 1-Dec-14 3-May-16 (Formerly Miss Roberts)

CHURCHILL Miss Gladys Beryl Stuart, Orderly Royaumont 6-May-15 28-May-16

CLARKE Miss Helen Douglas, Clerk Royaumont 27-Jul-17 29-Jul-18

CLOUGH Miss Olive Emma Barrow, Orderly Royaumont 4-Oct-18 30-Dec-18

COCKING Miss Mary Henwood, Nurse Royaumont 24-Nov-15 1-Nov-16

COLLEDGE Miss Elizabeth, Orderly Royaumont 6-Sep-18 10-Dec-18

COLLUM Miss Vera C. C., X-Ray Assistant Royaumont 1-Feb-15 25-Nov-17 and 19-Apr-18 31-Jul-18

COLVILLE Miss Marjorie R,. Nurse Royaumont 27-Jul-16 27-Jan-17

CONLEY Miss Margaret, Nurse Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15

CONNELL Miss Maud, Nurse Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15

COOPER Miss Evelyne, Nurse Royaumont 26-Oct-17 1-May-18

COULTHARD Miss Mary Gledinning, Nurse Royaumont 2-Mar-17 3-Sep-17

COURTAULD Miss Elizabeth, Doctor Royaumont 13-Jan-16 6-Mar-19

COWAN Miss Georgina, Orderly Royaumont 23-Nov-17 1-Jun-18

COWIE Miss Isobel Ruel Maclean, Orderly Royaumont 15-Mar-18 9-Sep-18

COX Miss Florence, Orderly Royaumont 3-Aug-18 27-Nov-18

COX Miss Lucie Kathleen MUNDIE-COX, Orderly Royaumont 1-Aug-16 1-Feb-17

COXHEAD Miss Olive Lydia, Orderly Royaumont 22-Oct-18 2-Dec-18

CRABB Miss Patricia Ramsay, Nurse Royaumont 11-Oct-17 13-Apr-18

CRAIG Miss Anne, Nurse Royaumont 18-Oct-18 31-Dec-18

CRAIG Miss Winifred Jennings, Orderly Royaumont 10-Jun-15 1-Nov-16

CRANGE Miss Lucy Margaret, Orderly Royaumont 21-Sep-17 22-Jun-18

CRAUFURD Miss Ruby Ann, Nurse Royaumont 24-Nov-16 31-May-17

CRESWELL Miss Mary Gertrude, Orderly Royaumont 3-Nov-16 2-May-17

CROOKS Miss Elsie Elizabeth, Nurse Royaumont 1-Oct-18 10-Dec-18

CROWE Miss Mary Johnston, Nurse Royaumont 12-Feb-16 25-Apr-16

DALE Miss Dorothy, Orderly Royaumont 25-Oct-18 3-Jan-19

DALYELL Miss Elsie Jean, Bacteriologist Royaumont 2-May-16 2-Oct-16

DART Miss Maud, Orderly Royaumont 17-Sep-18 30-Dec-18

DAUNT Miss Mary Lucy Dorothea O'NEILL-DAUNT, Orderly Royaumont 17-Aug-17 28-Feb-19

DAVIDSON Miss Margaret ,Orderly Royaumont 1-May-15 29-Aug-17

DAVIS Mrs Mary Howard NEWTON-DAVIS, Doctor Royaumont 15-Oct-18 10-Dec-18

DAWBARN Miss Mary Ann Wood, Nurse Royaumont 12-Dec-17 1-Jun-18

DAY Miss Bertha, Chauffeur Royaumont 24-Nov-17 25-Mar-18

DAY Miss Ellen, Nurse Royaumont 23-Mar-18 25-Sep-18

DENNY Miss Joan G., Orderly Royaumont 1-Feb-15 1-Aug-15

DESCOINGS Mlle Marie Therese Germaine, Orderly Royaumont 2-Aug-18 26-Jan-19

DEWAR Miss Margaret Smith, Nurse Royaumont 16-Aug-15 5-Feb-16

DICKIE Miss Jean Brown, Nurse Royaumont 7-Jun-16 1-Dec-16

DOBBIN Miss Dorothy Isobel, Doctor Royaumont 2-May-18 4-Nov-18

DOIG Miss Margaret Balfour, Nurse Royaumont 24-May-16 1-Nov-16

DOLLING Mrs Alina Victoria Radcliffe, Orderly Royaumont 5-Jan-17 6-Jan-18

DON Miss Margaret Constance Elizabeth, Orderly Royaumont 4-Oct-18 2-Jan-19

DONALDSON Miss Ruby Jamieson, Orderly Royaumont 3-Aug-18 2-Jan-19

DOW Miss Isobel Agnes, Orderly Royaumont 7-Aug-18 22-Jan-19

DOXFORD Miss Winifred, Orderly Royaumont 1-Aug-16 13-Feb-17

DRABBLE Miss Chloris, Nurse Royaumont 25-Sep-16 1-Dec-18

DRUMMOND Miss Bessie, Nurse Royaumont 27-Jul-16 27-Jan-17

DUNCAN Miss Christina, Nurse Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15

DUNCAN Miss Isabella, Matron Royaumont 1-Jun-15 1-Dec-16

DUNDERDALE Miss Ariadne Mavis, Nurse Royaumont 13-Jul-18 7-Jan-19

DUNN Miss Jessie R., Orderly Royaumont 1-Jun-15 1-Sep-15

DUNN Miss Meta J. F., Orderly Royaumont 1-Mar-15 6-Oct-15

DYER Miss Kathleen Vivian THISELTON-DYER, Orderly Royaumont 30-Nov-17 2-Dec-18