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Those Who Served
at Royaumont

Nymphs of Royaumont!
Whose divine fingers have built this nest among the pine trees, I cannot leave this beautiful corner of France, where angels and flowers unite in healing the suffering without saying thank you.

The well tempered steel of murderous weapons is transformed in your hands into healing blades and your gentle fingers, sweet Miss Nicholson, enter the trembling body, while Miss Ivens and Miss Heyworth, your patient sleeps on the table, confident in your science. See how he wakes seeking the smile that is the soothing balm to his bleeding wounds. Your compassion is infinite.

I will never forget the constant motherly care and the touching devotion of the worthy Maxwell and good Miss Jeffrey poured out continually on poor wounded bodies.

As I leave I take with me a precious memory of your gaiety, your gracious charm gentle Miss Harley, kind Miss Allen. The brightness of your laughter Miss Chapman will ring in my delighted ear with that of lovely Miss Moir.

Sgt Treilles
Sgt. Treilles - French Army

Below is an A-Z (by surname) of the people who served at Royaumont Abbey (including a few of the chaps!) during the First World War.  Where we have information on the individual you will be able to click on their name and find out more about them.  Of course, we are constantly researching these amazing women so will be adding our findings as and when we can but, in the meantime, if you have any information about the women or the Abbey please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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