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ABBOTT Miss Evelyn Margaret, Nurse 28-Jan-16 to 27-Jul-16

ADAM Miss Anne Kendall Burns, Nurse 28-Sep-17 6-Oct-18

ADAMS Miss Margaret Louise, Nurse 22-Mar-16 14-Nov-17

ADAMS Miss Mary Irene, Asst. Medical Officer 21-May-18 5-Jan-19

ADRIAN Miss Susan Kearns, Orderly 29-Aug-15 16-Aug-16

AKED Miss Olive, Nurse 23-Dec-15 1-Nov-16

ALDHAM Mr Michael E., Chauffeur 1-Mar-15 1-Nov-15

ALEXANDER Mr, Chauffeur 1-Feb-15 1-Oct-15

ALLAN Miss Dorothy, Orderly 1-Feb-15 1-May-15

ALLISON Miss Cecilia, Clerk 29-Apr-16 3-Oct-16

ALMOND Miss Charlotte Katharine Jocelyn, Orderly 9-Jul-18 17-Sep-18

ALSTON Miss Margaret Stirling, Orderly 13-Nov-18 28-Dec-18

AMOUR Miss Modesta Hannay, Nurse 1-Feb-15 1-Feb-17

ANDERSON Miss Agnes Lang, Orderly 1-Mar-15 1-Aug-18

ANDERSON Miss Alison Farie, Orderly 9-Feb-18 1-Aug-18 (Now Mrs Blood)

ANDERSON Miss Dorothy, Orderly 7-Sep-18 3-Jan-19

ANDERSON Miss Florence Amy, Orderly 1-Aug-15 1-Sep-16 and 23-Apr-18 25-Oct-18 (Later Masseuse and Radiographer)

ANDERSON Miss Mary Lang, Orderly 30-Aug-16 30-Sep-16

ANDERSON Miss Mary Mack, Orderly 22-Dec-16 22-Jun-18 (Later Dispenser)

ARCHIBALD Miss Mary, Nurse 3-Aug-18 31-Dec-18

ARMSTRONG Miss Grace Elizabeth H., Orderly 1-Jul-18 9-Aug-18 (Temporary from French Hospital)

ARMSTRONG Miss Millicent Sylvia, Orderly 16-Mar-17 22-Mar-19 (Later Clerk)

ARTHUR Miss Elizabeth Gilmour Manuel, Orderly 27-Feb-18 30-Aug-18

ASHTON Miss Eva Margaret Cook, 4-Sep-17 22-Mar-19

ATKIN Miss Agnes Margaret, Orderly 27-Jul-17 25-Aug-17 (Left on account of ill-health)

AUSTIN Mrs Margaret Eve, Orderly 18-May-17 1-Jul-17 (Came home owing to mother's illness)

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