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RAWSON Miss Ethel, Nurse 25-Jul-16 24-Jan-17

RAWSTONE Miss Janet, Orderly 1-Jul-18 8-Sep-18 (Now Hon. Mrs. David Bruce)

RAYMOND Miss Patricia Margaret Evelyn, Orderly 26-Jul-17  22-Mar-19

REEVE Miss Mabel Gladys, Orderly 2-Feb-17 11-Aug-17

REID Miss Elizabeth, Nurse 25-May-15 25-Nov-15

REID Miss Elizabeth M. W., Orderly 26-Apr-18 1-Oct-18

REID Miss Jessie Grant, Orderly 26-Apr-18 1-Oct-18

RENTON Miss Mary F., Maid 10-Apr-15 15-Nov-15

RICHARDSON Miss Barbara, Doctor 2-May-18 4-Nov-18

RICHMOND Miss Susan, Orderly 13-Jun-15 11-Oct-16

RICKETTS Miss Violet Mabel, Orderly 12-Oct-17 22-Apr-18

ROBBIE Miss Elizabeth M., Nurse 1-Sep-15 1-Sep-16

ROBERTS Miss Agnes Mackenzie, Nurse 26-May-15 26-Nov-15

ROBERTSON Miss Christine E. B., Orderly 5-Oct-18 2-Jan-19

ROBERTSON Miss Eliza Mary, Nurse 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15

ROBINSON Miss Edith, Doctor 1-Oct-15 1-Dec-15

ROBINSON The Hon. Norah Edith Florence, Orderly 2-Feb-17 28-May-17

ROBINSON Mrs Winifred Marjorie, Orderly 14-Sep-17 3-Sep-17

agnes rolt(1).jpg

Miss Rolt is yet another valiant woman who we are fortunate to know about, mainly thanks to the likes of Eileen Crofton and her research and subsequent writings.

Click the heading or the image to find out more.

ROSS Miss Annie Olivia, Orderly 8-Nov-15 1-Nov-16  

ROSS Miss Winifred, Doctor 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15 and 29-Apr-16 3-Oct-16

RUTHERFORD Dr Margaret, Doctor 1-Jun-15  1-Nov-15

RUTHERFORD Miss Roslyn Newel, Masseuse 4-Jun-18 7-Jan-19

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