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INGLIS Miss Etta Helen Maude, Orderly 29-Nov-15 1-Mar-19

INGLIS Miss Florence Elsie, Doctor 4-Sep-17 1-Apr-18

INGLIS Mrs Ida Evelyn Chetwynd, 6-May-18 19-Jul-18 (Now Mrs. Sutherland)

INGLIS Miss Violet Alice Harrietta, Orderly 1-Sep-17 1-Mar-19

INGLIS Mr William, Chauffeur 1-Jun-15 to 1-Nov-15

INKSON Miss Kathleen, Nurse 22-Nov-15 28-May-16

A quite extraordinary woman.  The gentle but determined force behind Royaumont Abbey.  As one of her colleagues wrote: "Had there been no Miss Ivens, there would never have been a Royaumont"

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