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CAMERON Miss Barbara May, Orderly 17-May-18 14-Nov-18

CAMERON Miss Nellie McNair, Nurse 24-Nov-16 26-May-17

CANNON Miss Joan Sharp, Chauffeur 8-Nov-18 22-Mar-19

CARDEW Mr Sidney R., Mechanic 8-Dec-15 1-Nov-16

CARMICHAEL Miss Lucie Helen, Orderly 24-May-16 25-Feb-17

CARROLL Miss Mary Bridget, Nurse 4-Jun-18 16-Dec-18

CARSWELL Miss Katharine Octavia, Orderly 6-May-15 25-Nov-16

CARTER Miss Edith Angela, Orderly 6-May-15 28-May-16

CARTER Mrs Edith Mary, Orderly 15-Aug-17 16-Aug-18

CARTER Miss Jessie Margaret, Orderly 3-Oct-16 1-Nov-16

CATHCART Miss Frances Mary, Orderly 27-Sep-16 1-Mar-17

CAVENIE Miss Saritz, Orderly 1-Jun-15 1-Sep-15

CHAPMAN Miss Marjorie, Orderly 6-May-15 22-Mar-19

CHERRILL Mrs Florence Isabel, Nurse 1-Dec-14 3-May-16 (Formerly Miss Roberts)

CHURCHILL Miss Gladys Beryl Stuart, Orderly 6-May-15 28-May-16

CLARKE Miss Helen Douglas, Clerk 27-Jul-17 29-Jul-18

CLOUGH Miss Olive Emma Barrow, Orderly 4-Oct-18 30-Dec-18

COCKING Miss Mary Henwood, Nurse 24-Nov-15 1-Nov-16

COLLEDGE Miss Elizabeth, Orderly 6-Sep-18 10-Dec-18

Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 14-20-46 Vera Collum - Wikipedia.png

A remarkable and adpatable woman whose writings give us detailed descriptions of the staff, equipment and situations in the hospital and an invaluable insight into the hospitals of the war especially during the July 1916 offensive.

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COLVILLE Miss Marjorie R,. Nurse 27-Jul-16 27-Jan-17

CONLEY Miss Margaret, Nurse 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15

CONNELL Miss Maud, Nurse 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15

COOPER Miss Evelyne, Nurse 26-Oct-17 1-May-18

COULTHARD Miss Mary Geldinning, Nurse 2-Mar-17 3-Sep-17

COURTAULD Miss Elizabeth, Doctor 13-Jan-16 6-Mar-19

COWAN Miss Georgina, Orderly 23-Nov-17 1-Jun-18

COWIE Miss Isobel Ruel Maclean, Orderly 15-Mar-18 9-Sep-18

COX Miss Florence, Orderly 3-Aug-18 27-Nov-18

COX Miss Lucie Kathleen MUNDIE-COX, Orderly 1-Aug-16 1-Feb-17

COXHEAD Miss Olive Lydia, Orderly 22-Oct-18 2-Dec-18

CRABB Miss Patricia Ramsay, Nurse 11-Oct-17 13-Apr-18

CRAIG Miss Anne, Nurse 18-Oct-18 31-Dec-18

CRAIG Miss Winifred Jennings, Orderly 10-Jun-15 1-Nov-16

CRANGE Miss Lucy Margaret, Orderly 21-Sep-17 22-Jun-18

CRAUFURD Miss Ruby Ann, Nurse 24-Nov-16 31-May-17

CRESWELL Miss Mary Gertrude, Orderly 3-Nov-16 2-May-17

CROOKS Miss Elsie Elizabeth, Nurse 1-Oct-18 10-Dec-18

CROWE Miss Mary Johnston, Nurse 12-Feb-16 25-Apr-16

CUNNINGHAM Miss Anne, Orderly 1-Mar-15 1-May-15

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