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MACALISTER Miss Marion Jamieson, X-Ray Sister 27-Jul-18 16-Dec-18

MACARTNEY Miss Hallide Jeanne, Orderly 12-Feb-16 1-Nov-16

MACDONALD Miss Margaret, Orderly 1-Aug-15 1-Feb-16

MACDONALD Miss Margaret Anne, Nurse 10-Aug-17 1-Oct-18

MACDONALD Miss Mary Flora, Orderly 1-Aug-15 20-Oct-15

MACFARLANE Miss Rebecca Wart, Orderly 12-Dec-17 18-May-18

MACKAY Miss Nora, Orderly 1-Feb-15 14-Jul-17

MACKENZIE Miss Georgina, Nurse 1-Oct-15 15-Mar-16

MACKENZIE Miss Geraldine, Orderly 28-Apr-16 1-May-17

MACKINTOSH Miss Helen Muriel, Orderly 24-Jul-17 27-Jan-18

MACLAREN Miss Jessie, Nurse 1-Mar-15 30-Aug-16

MACNAUGHTON Miss Edith Mabel, Orderly 23-Dec-15 30-Dec-16

MACNAUGHTON Miss Norah Miller, Orderly 29-Apr-16 1-Sep-16

MACPHERSON Miss Betty F., Orderly and Storekeeper 1-May-16 4-Feb-19

MACPHERSON Miss Jean Blackwood Hannah, Cook 29-Aug-15 1-Jan-17

MAIN Miss Meta Moore, Orderly 8-Aug-16 11-Aug-18

MAISEY Miss Esther Catherine May, Orderly 1-Nov-18 16-Dec-18

MALLARKY Miss Esme, Orderly 11-Jun-18 10-Dec-18

MALLON Miss Louisa, Nurse 3-Feb-17 11-Aug-17 18-Dec-17 19-Jun-18

MANOEL Mme Marie, Bacteriologist 25-Oct-17 21-Jan-19

MANSON Miss Agnes Williamina, Orderly 18-Dec-17 22-Jun-18

MARRIOTT Miss Olivia Mary, Orderly 4-Jun-18 2-Dec-18

MARTIN Miss Eveline Christiana, Clerk 2-Aug-17 4-Nov-18

MARTLAND Miss Edith Marjorie, Doctor 25-Jul-16 9-Aug-18

MAXWELL Miss Jane Wilson, Nurse 1-Dec-14 31-May-15

MAY Miss Winifred Louise, X-Ray Assistant 27-Nov-18 14-Jan-19

MCCOLL Miss Williamina Mary, Orderly 1-Sep-17 1-Jul-18

MCDOUGALL Miss Helen, Doctor 20-Sep-16 1-Jul-18 and 1-Aug-18 21-Oct-18

MCGREGOR Miss Eunice Jean, Chauffeur 1-Feb-18 1-Jul-18

MCGREGOR Miss Jessie Leslie, Nurse 1-Jul-16 17-Nov-17 and 28-Feb-18 30-Dec-18

MCKELVIE Miss Ethel, Nurse 4-Sep-17 31-Dec-18

MCKNIGHT Miss Jean, Nurse 2-Mar-17 3-Sep-17

MCLEOD Miss Helen Mowat, Asst. Cook 2-Aug-17 20-Dec-17 (Refused to work at Villers-Cotterets)

MEERE Miss Margaret Mary, Orderly 3-Feb-17 4-Aug-17

MEIKLEJOHN Miss Jean, Doctor 14-Sep-15 1-Nov-15

MERRYLEAS Miss Anna Louise, Orderly 1-Aug-15 6-Sep-17

MERRYLEAS Miss Mary C., Orderly 1-Jun-15 1-Aug-15

MIDDLEMISS Miss Margaret, Nurse 14-Feb-17 3-Sep-17

MIDDLETON Miss Rachel, Chauffeur 7-Sep-17 7-Aug-18

MIDGLEY Miss Dorothy, Orderly 8-Nov-15 11-Feb-16

MILLER Miss Jessie Jenkins, Nurse 1-Mar-15 30-Aug-16

MILLER Miss Marjorie, Orderly 1-Aug-15 1-Feb-16 and 1-Sep-16 1-Dec-18

MILNE Miss Anne Smith, Nurse 1-Dec-14 1-Nov-16

MINCHIN Miss Una Eleanor, Orderly 15-Oct-18 30-Dec-18

MOFFAT Miss Florence Cecilia, Orderly 21-Sep-16 11-Nov-17

MOIR Miss Margaret, Orderly 1-Feb-15 1-Aug-15

MOOR Miss Marjorie, Orderly 13-Dec-16 12-Sep-17

MOORE Miss Evelyn Merch, Chauffeur 3-May-18 6-Nov-18

MORGAN Miss Dorothy Carey, Orderly 1-Aug-15 1-Jan-18

MORGAN Miss Hannah Jamieson, Nurse 27-Jul-16 28-Jul-17

MORRIS Miss Martha Elizabeth Rose, Nurse 25-Aug-17 1-Apr-18

MORRISON Miss Mary, Cook 1-Feb-15 14-Jul-15

MURDOCH Miss Anna S., Orderly 13-Dec-16 28-Jul-17

MURRAY Miss Helen Margaret, Cook 25-May-15 28-May-16

MURRAY Miss Jessie Cameron, Orderly 12-Feb-16 1-Mar-19

MURRAY Miss Margaret Elizabeth, Chauffeur 8-Jun-17 7-Nov-18

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