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GAMWELL Miss J. Marion, Orderly 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15

GARFORTH Mrs Clare Maud, Nurse 25-May-15 30-Dec-15 (Formerly Miss  PIGNEY)

GILCHRIST Miss Mary Mitchell, Cook 25-May-15 25-Nov-15 (Died either Dec 1915 or 1918) [entry indistinct]

GILES Miss Ethel Audrey, Orderly 17-Oct-16 1-Oct-17

GILL Miss Helga, Chauffeur-Orderly 1-Dec-14 5-Mar-17

GLOSSOP Miss Betty Mitford, Orderly 28-Sep-17 6-Mar-19

GODDARD Miss Annie Elizabeth, Nurse 5-Sep-17 17-Apr-18

GOLDSMITH Miss Alice Ida, Orderly 11-Oct-17 1-Jul-18

GOODWIN Miss Harriet E. F., Nurse 1-Sep-17 1-Jan-19

GORDON Miss Annie, Cook 25-May-15 25-Nov-15

GOSS Miss Dorothy Muriel, Orderly 15-Oct-18 28-Dec-18

GRAHAM Miss Margaret Elizabeth Linton, Chauffeur 13-Feb-18 6-Nov-18

GRANDAGE Miss Katherine, Orderly 26-Nov-15 31-May-17 and 3-Mar-18 20-Oct-18 with another six weeks later

GRANT Miss Jean Henderson, Orderly 18-Oct-18 3-Jan-19

GRANT Mrs Jessie Napier, Doctor 4-Jun-18 29-Sep-18 (Formerly Miss ROBERTSON)

GRANT Miss Margaret Mary, Nurse 1-Nov-18 3-Jan-19

GRANT Miss Mary Florence, Orderly 19-Nov-18 30-Dec-18

GRAY Miss Margaret Aitchison, Orderly 1-Dec-14 1-Aug-17 and 13-Apr-18 28-Feb-19

GRAY Miss Mary S. B., Nurse 1-Dec-14 28-Sep-15 and from 23-Jan-16 (Entry says 'Dec 14, home on holiday and returned 28 Sept. 1915. Died 23rd Jan. 1916')

GRAY Miss Norah Neilson, Orderly 5-Apr-18 6-Oct-18

GREEN Miss Amy Elizabeth, Nurse 3-May-18 1-Dec-18

GREEN Miss Ivy Sybil Spencer, Nurse 28-Aug-17 4-Mar-18

GREEN Miss Mabel Maud, Orderly 25-Jul-16 1-Oct-16 (Transferred to Royaumont from Corsica)

GREY Miss Mary Greig, Masseuse 6-Apr-17 6-Oct-17

GRIFFIN Miss Doris Mary, Masseuse 11-Jun-18 6-Jan-19

GUEST Dr Edna Mary, Doctor 1-Jul-18 1-Aug-18

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