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Welcome to the Wenches In Trenches library.  Here you will find a list of books we recommend to help you discover more about women at war and other aspects that may be of interest.  Click on the cover of the book and it will take you through to the Amazon link.

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The definitive guide to women casualties of the Great War buried in CWGC cemeteries in Belgium and France and written by our own fair hands!

Whilst not yet available on Amazon our book can be purchased for £5 plus £2 postage and packaging.  Use the Paypal link at the bottom of the screen to pay and email us at


Dutch Medical Historian, Leo Van Bergen, shows his evident passion and knowledge of the First World War in these two books. 

Cap of Horror is a bilingual anthology of the poetry of nurses and other women workers of WW1 and Among The Dying is a collection of 25 fictional short stories detailing aspects and experiences of the war.

With Cap of Horror, Van Bergen has handled the material sensitively, giving a background to each female writer and giving his interpretation to the words. It's a must for any lover of WW1 poetry and Women's History.

Among The Dying is a collection of 25 fictional stories where Van Bergen illustrates his depth of knowledge as he attempts to get to the heart of the experiences and emotions of WW1.  Both books are definitely worth reading and it is intensely interesting to read the views from a Dutch author and his insights in to the writing of females during the war.

The books can be purchased via email to Leo Van Bergen (both books) or (A Cap of Horror) by clicking this link and put it in the shopping basket (de winkelwagen) Kap van Afschuw ( In case this fails copy paste the following url

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